indonesian food

Indonesian food is unique and tasty. It has diverse variations just like the Indonesian tribes. Let’s discover Indonesian food with us.

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Different places in Indonesia offer different food as the main course.


Indonesians like to offer various cookies and snacks for our guests to show our hospitality.


Since Indonesia is located in tropical paradise, we have a lot of cold beverages to offer.


Indonesia consist of 16,056 islands!! Most islands have their unique local cuisines! To make it simple, we divided it into six different areas. Check awesome articles according to each area below!!

Sumatra Island and the surroundings

CNN ranked Rendang as 1st most delicious food in the world. Other than that Sumatra has more food to offer.

gohu ikan taken from

Sulawesi Island, Maluku Island, and the surroundings

Maluku has Indonesian version of Sashimi.

Java Island and the surroundings

Java offers various food you can try.

Bali, Nusa Tenggara, and the surroundings

Interact with cute monkeys in Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, enjoying beautiful Bali and Lombok beaches, be mesmerized with the only survived dragon on the earth, Komodo dragon!

Kalimantan (Borneo) Island and the surroundings

Explore the coral triangle where you can see various corals in Derawan Island, meet the famous endangered orangutans, and many more

West Papua Islands (Irian Jaya) and the surroundings

Be captivated with the beauty of Raja Ampat, the popular diving place in terms of underwater biodiversity, see the exquisite fauna Cendrawasih Bird, hiking the Puncak Jaya Mountain, and more.